S and G Designs invites you to take a new look at an old shirt.

Lets face it, don’t you think you’ve seen just about every t-shirt known to man?Maybe you think you own just about every t-shirt…..

S and G Designs takes an innovative approach to t- shirt design. We use artful and contemporary images which are fully expressed using a novel cut and layer technique. The results are stunning.


We don’t know which we are more proud of. Is it the clean graphic design that demands your attention? Or is it the innovative technique: images stenciled and cut to reveal layers of colors. What's missing? The ink: we don't print our shirts. All things considered, these shirts are not just your average T-shirt; they are works of art!

Here, you may judge for yourself. Enjoy our catalogue

Art to T-Shirt with Only Cutout Fablic.

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