S and G Designs is a small family business now located in Florida that began in Asia. Our shirts are made by hand by skilled artisans, but make no mistake; S and G  T-Shirts are the labors of love, not sweatshops. No matter where we started or where our shirts were and are produced, we follow fair trade practices and believe in the dignity of our workers. We believe in paying a good wage for good work. We want to. We need to; in the beginning, our workers were our family!

S and G Designs was started a few years ago by Sawai and George McLaughlin using the skills of Sawai’s family who live in Thailand. We started designing shirts for music festivals and events. Our business grew from there. Next a small catalogue of designs for sale both wholesale and retail was born. We have sold our shirts in malls and specialty shops. We have produced custom designs for restaurants and bars, special events and seaside resort shops. Our shirts are shipped all over the US and the Caribbean. It all started in Thailand and now, we have moved to Florida. The same shirts you used to get are now "MADE IN THE U.S.A.".

We start with innovative art work and interpretations of images. These designs are expressed as flat image stencils. Then we go to work layering fabric, stitching and hand cutting to reveal rich and intricate layers.  Finally, this fabric (with the layered artwork) is cut and sewn into whole T-Shirt. We use high quality knit jersey to make our shirts, as well as our own patterns, giving us flexibility in sizing and styling. So, when we say hand made, we really mean hand made! It makes us proud.

We are also proud of the fact that our shirts don’t use ink! Ours are not printed shirts. We don’t silk screen or heat press. The images expressed, each color represented is a different piece of fabric. Even our tie-dyed fabric is hand dyed. Our hand crafting inspires us, from the top of our organization to the bottom: we hope it inspires you. We know now when you look at these extraordinary shirts you will know where the value is- to you, to us and to our artisan workers.